The Columbia Shade Company

Porch shades in Ocean View keep this house cool shading the hot sun from these stunning 12 foot French doors
Zig Zag woven wood shades provide complete privacy in this bathroom
White Columbia Porch Shades provide privacy from nearby neighbors and setting sun on this Lanai
Natural Basswood shade with a valance above a window seat
From the Natural Woven Woods collection, Orient Point protects this kitchen and breakfast nook from morning sun
A Columbia door provides privacy to this master bedroom, hung over the sliding glass doors still allow easy entry/exit
A white porchshade hung lakeside at a rustic boathouse protects from blazing afternoon sun
Tortoise shades with custom valence cut for arched windows in this office
Matchstick shades layered with curtains hang over large sliding glass doors
View from outside of a basswood shade hung indoors creating privacy in this lakeside home
A Columbia door with lacquer closes off this closet and from the Natural Woven Woods collection Cortina with lacquer with a roman fold hangs the window
ZigZag in this bathroom provides privacy
From the Natural Woven Woods collection, Standard provides privacy and brings a natural feel to this office
From the Natural Woven Woods collection, ZigZag creates privacy and blocks out the light. This is shown in Distressed White which is similar to a white stain, allowing the natural wood grain to still show through
A Columbia door in Lacquer used as a closet door in this master bathroom
From the Natural Woven Woods collection the Standard pattern painted white
Porch shades in Ocean view keep this house cool from the hot afternoon sun through these French doors
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